Friday, May 6, 2011

Springtime Sustenance

What is fabulous about Spring? Ramps.
These little babies are amazing. Being the good vegetable-a-vore I am, I will try them any which way.
I mean who would pass on Wild Leeks? Yes please. Hand raised and waving wildly. Something that is a lighter shade of garlic, but looks this beautiful? Sign me up.

So today, very simply, my very talented friend and I ate them, with thinly shaved 24 months Parmiggiano-Reggiano, drops of the real Balsalmico Traditionale di Reggio Emilia, and ramps just lightly pan fried in some herb and garlic seasonsed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Treats like fresh Ramps don't come around but once a year, buy and eat them now.  They will rock your world.


  1. The ramps at the NYC farmers market look very tired compared to the healthy vibrant ones in your photo - think I need to get to market earlier in the day.

  2. If they are as tasty as they look in these photos they must be fabulous