Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome 2015

It's been a while. So I'll just start it off with these few images from the past 2 years of delicious and beautiful dishes. It's been fun, creative, and really rewarding. More to come. Promise. 

Watermelon Radish, Burrata, Meyer Lemon and Micro Arugula. 

Berry Tart. 

Mise en place. 

Wasabi Deviled Eggs. 

Pink Grapefruits, Watercress, Candied Walnut and Freeze Dried Raspberries.

Toasted Butter Cake, Labne Milk Chocolate Frosting, Cardamom White Chocolate Clusters, Pomegranate Syrup and Mint.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Composed Garden Salad : Step by Step

The art to a composed salad is layering, seasoning, enhancing flavors and incorporating many textures and temperatures. I love the way Zucchini can look like gorgeous soft ribbons when then have been salted for a short time... 

Then to add some color and texture, cubed Avocado and quick-pickled red onion....

For more flavor, texture and color : sliced heirloom cherry tomatoes of all colors and shapes. And a gorgeously chewy and herb packed farro salad...

 Keep the layers coming with a finessed sprinkle of fresh micro cilantro, micro arugula, regular cilantro, edible marigolds, dry roasted sliced almonds, fried capers, mint, parsley, and a touch of crispy breadcrumbs....

 Stunning color, flavor and just a touch of Maldon Sea Salt, fresh cracked black pepper, a squeeze of lemon and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Cilantro...

Summer produce looks best when it looks as if it is literally springing out the earth on the plate. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbyes and Birthdays

Something that happens when you have amazing, talented, wonderful and fabulous friends is they tend to go out of town; sometimes you have the opportunity to watch their spectacular home in the hills. As well as take advantage of their radical kitchen. 

Another thing that happens when you have smart, gorgeous, ambitious friends, is they tend to move away.

So with that, you take advantage of the awesome house, awesome friends and throw a little going away party! 

Also, when you move back to your hometown, people, like your Mom for example, have a birthday; therefore another great excuse to make an awesome meal for 13 close family and friends.

You also have the excuse to buy really really great cheeses.

And of course, the request for the famously delicious Lemond Curd and Toasted Almond Tart comes around, but this time with a lightly minted Raspberry Coulis.

And you can't have a birthday without a little Clementine Semifreddo with Cashew Nougat and White Chocolate. Well, at least we can't. 

Happy Birthday Mom! May you stay forever young and hilarious! Love to everyone who attended the two events! xoxo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello West Coast, Goodbye NY.

    I'm back! Back from the New York groove; Ready for summer? I sure am. So lets go! 

Baby Shower for Baby Scarlet Roble! 
Beautiful Succulent arrangement made by my Dad! 

Last lovely brunch at Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Dangerously delicious Sangria, made by Jaron Heinze in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn for my going away BBQ! This stuff was killer : Dolin Blanc Vermouth soaked White Grapes, Strawberries and Fuji Apples, added a bottle of Cava, a Box of White Garganaga and a little Bluecoat Gin for good measure. 

Grillin', The best thing is the green onions. 

Bye NYC. I am going to miss you, a lot. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Ode to Change

Many walks yield a wealth of discoveries, and pictures! Particularly this time of year here in New York. The leaves are changing, the sky is crystal blue and the air is crisp. To cross a bridge or walk along to water is a pure treat, and upon entering a park, you just feel Autumn humming in the branches of trees. 

Williamsburg Bridge

This is a good time to discover my new neighborhood which is right at the South of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but before that I ventured all the way up to Central Park where I could lay in large fields of the greenest grass around. I will stare at this picture longingly as winter begins to grip the city.

Central Park

But on my many walking adventures I have found some places of quiet and serene beauty, buttressed against feats of architecture.

Waterfront in Williamsburg
Prospect Park Beauty

For a city with such a dense population, we can all still manage to carve out a place all for ourselves. I feel fortunate to have found a few.

And just like the sunset, the leaves reflect what is to come; a staggering array of multicolored stemmed treasures that will eventually fade as our day light hours get shorter and colder.

 Change is upon us, Keep it coming.

Monday, September 19, 2011

From Highline to Market to buy some Fresh Figs

On a lovely Monday in mid September I took a walk. This walk turned into one of the most beautiful days I have spent in New York in a long time. The air is crisp, the sky with high clouds the bluest blue and I just seemed to have a skip in my step. 

Garlic Shoots.

Pluot Tasting at the Farmer's Market.

Knowing how beautiful the parks have been lately, I had to cross town and walk the Highline it just felt right. And there I was, a light breeze, not too crowded and therefore just ripe for a stroll. 

Highline walk near Chelsea Market.

Summer Bounty.
 Walking the Highline, the length of it from Washington and Ganesvoort in Meatpacking, all the way up to 20th St. I find you can work up a hunger. Being that is it Monday, where else to go then Union Square and feast my eyes on some lovely late summer produce.

The skyline from the Highline.

Urban heaven. 

It has been such a luscious day I had to share it, immediately. Before the rain and snow set into the city, get  out and enjoy it. 

Chinese Purple Spinach.

Also if you find the time, check out this TEDtalks with Robert Hammond : Building a park in the sky. Because it is people like this that make the biggest difference. 

Thank you to everyone whom was involved in making the place, Manhattan, more beautiful and interesting everyday. 
Nearing the end of the Highline, Sept. 19th 2011.