Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello West Coast, Goodbye NY.

    I'm back! Back from the New York groove; Ready for summer? I sure am. So lets go! 

Baby Shower for Baby Scarlet Roble! 
Beautiful Succulent arrangement made by my Dad! 

Last lovely brunch at Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Dangerously delicious Sangria, made by Jaron Heinze in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn for my going away BBQ! This stuff was killer : Dolin Blanc Vermouth soaked White Grapes, Strawberries and Fuji Apples, added a bottle of Cava, a Box of White Garganaga and a little Bluecoat Gin for good measure. 

Grillin', The best thing is the green onions. 

Bye NYC. I am going to miss you, a lot. 

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  1. There is time to reflect, but no looking back..Your future is ahead of you and its yours for the taking