Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbyes and Birthdays

Something that happens when you have amazing, talented, wonderful and fabulous friends is they tend to go out of town; sometimes you have the opportunity to watch their spectacular home in the hills. As well as take advantage of their radical kitchen. 

Another thing that happens when you have smart, gorgeous, ambitious friends, is they tend to move away.

So with that, you take advantage of the awesome house, awesome friends and throw a little going away party! 

Also, when you move back to your hometown, people, like your Mom for example, have a birthday; therefore another great excuse to make an awesome meal for 13 close family and friends.

You also have the excuse to buy really really great cheeses.

And of course, the request for the famously delicious Lemond Curd and Toasted Almond Tart comes around, but this time with a lightly minted Raspberry Coulis.

And you can't have a birthday without a little Clementine Semifreddo with Cashew Nougat and White Chocolate. Well, at least we can't. 

Happy Birthday Mom! May you stay forever young and hilarious! Love to everyone who attended the two events! xoxo

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  1. A meal that was fit for the God's, oh and me! Its like Patty said, when you cook you make wonderful memories that people will cherish and savor