Monday, September 19, 2011

From Highline to Market to buy some Fresh Figs

On a lovely Monday in mid September I took a walk. This walk turned into one of the most beautiful days I have spent in New York in a long time. The air is crisp, the sky with high clouds the bluest blue and I just seemed to have a skip in my step. 

Garlic Shoots.

Pluot Tasting at the Farmer's Market.

Knowing how beautiful the parks have been lately, I had to cross town and walk the Highline it just felt right. And there I was, a light breeze, not too crowded and therefore just ripe for a stroll. 

Highline walk near Chelsea Market.

Summer Bounty.
 Walking the Highline, the length of it from Washington and Ganesvoort in Meatpacking, all the way up to 20th St. I find you can work up a hunger. Being that is it Monday, where else to go then Union Square and feast my eyes on some lovely late summer produce.

The skyline from the Highline.

Urban heaven. 

It has been such a luscious day I had to share it, immediately. Before the rain and snow set into the city, get  out and enjoy it. 

Chinese Purple Spinach.

Also if you find the time, check out this TEDtalks with Robert Hammond : Building a park in the sky. Because it is people like this that make the biggest difference. 

Thank you to everyone whom was involved in making the place, Manhattan, more beautiful and interesting everyday. 
Nearing the end of the Highline, Sept. 19th 2011.


  1. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to visit...

  2. So I definitely went to the Long Beach Farmers Market yesterday. Your lovely dinner provided significant inspiration.. thanks!

  3. It is wonderful that there is so much beauty in NYC